5 Types of Carbon Steel Tubing for Mechanical Applications

Carbon Steel Tubing for Mechanical Applications

There are five different varieties of carbon steel tubing, most of which are utilized in mechanical applications. For hydraulic cylinder and fluid line applications, ready-to-use tubes with customized ID finishes, square and rectangular tubing for mechanical and structural uses, and carbon steel pipe are a few examples.

When considering Carbon Steel Tubes for mechanical purposes, knowing how hot rolled and cold finished steel is produced can be useful.

However, an exception is Buttweld mechanical tubing, which is neither hot rolled nor cold formed but is used to join other tubes and pipelines. The inherent strength in the weld area of an electric resistance welded product is not present in buttweld carbon tubing, which is made from continuously welded pipe.

It is manufactured of low-carbon steel, which has decreased mechanical and machinability qualities because of its lower carbon content. 17 to 24 feet long random lengths are kept on hand.

Mechanical Applications of Carbon Steel Tubing

Hot Finished Seamless

This is constructed out of 1026 steel. It is more useful when precise dimensions and surface quality are secondary and less expensive than cold-drawn steel. Hot finished seamless is produced to OD and wall dimensions as per industry standard. From 17 to 24 feet in length, it is stocked.

Electrical Resistance Welded

It is made from low-carbon steel. The hot rolled condition is used to manufacture tubing with walls heavier than 18 ga. On all sizes, OD flash was deleted. The cheapest mechanical tube is electrical resistance welded steel, which is also available. It is kept at random lengths of 20 feet.

Cold Drawn Seamless

This is constructed with 1026 steel in sizes up to 9.5″ OD and.28 maximum carbon steel in sizes larger than 9.5″ OD. except as specified in the size listing, produced to OD and ID specifications. in “as drawn” condition with furniture. Compared to heat-finished seamless tubes, cold-drawn seamless offer a good surface quality and improved mechanical performance. It comes in lengths ranging from 17 to 24 feet.

Drawn-over-mandrel (DOM)

This is a cold-drawn, fully flash-free electric resistance welded tube. Each tube is checked for weld soundness. superior OD and ID concentricity make it the preferred choice over seamless tubes. DOM is transformed into a uniform and accurate product through normalizing and cold drawing over a mandrel. This is stored in random lengths ranging from 17 to 24 feet and is provided in “as drawn” form.

Electrical Resistance Welded

The steel used to make it is low carbon. Cold rolled steel is used to create tubing with walls as thin as 18 ga. ‘As welded’ condition furniture. On all sizes, OD flash was deleted. The cheapest mechanical tubing is electrical resistance welded, which is available in 20-foot lengths in a variety of strengths.

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5 Types of Carbon Steel Tubing for Mechanical Applications

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