Overview of the Most Common Nickel 200 Fasteners

What is Nickel Fastener?

Nickel 200 Fasteners are the special class of metal alloys that contain 20% nickel. The presence of nickel makes these fasteners particularly useful in inhibiting corrosion. Due to nickel, these fasteners work well in acidic and saltwater environments, and they very stable in high-temperature environments. As a result, Nickle 200 Fasteners are best known for their unique combination of high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.

Nickel Alloy Fasteners are flexible metal alloys has various elements and capable to mix with many other metal fasteners such as Monel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc. It can stand high pressures and temperatures with good corrosion resistance. Nickel Alloy Fasteners are available in various shapes such as nuts, washers, bolts, screws, duplex steel screws, threaded rod, etc.

What are the properties of Nickel Fastener?

Nickel 200 Fasteners contain specific amounts of chromium, molybdenum, and iron, which enhance their corrosion resistance, strength, and high-temperature stability. Having higher chromium content in Nickle 200 Fasteners gives resistance to oxidizers. Also, the addition of molybdenum enhances the resistance to reducing acids.

Nickel 200 Fasteners has extraordinary electrical and thermal conductivity, where the corrosion resistance is better in de-aerated acid. Nickel Alloy 200 Fasteners has high-grade magnetostrictive properties, along with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Nickel alloys are characterized by their anti-corrosive properties, high strength, and temperature resistance properties found in the other nickel alloys.

What are the applications of Nickel Fasteners?

Nickel 200 Fasteners are useful in a wide range of applications including, the petrochemical industry, oil & gas industry, chemical industry, power plant industry, energy industry, pharmaceuticals industry, etc. It also has various usage in the pulp & paper industry, food processing industry, aerospace industry, refining industry, etc.

Nickel Fasteners are resistant to general sea-water corrosion that makes them highly applicable in onshore & offshore marine applications. Nickel fasteners are highly usable for equipment and components, exposed to chemicals, acids, and other corrosive materials. It has serval usages in exhaust systems, engine components, and other high heat equipment.

What are the specifications of Nickel Fasteners? 

Nickel 200 Fasteners are being fabricated by using high-quality raw material. Superalloys of Nickle Fasteners exhibit high strength coupled with high-temperature resistance. Such strength and resistance are applicable for used for increased stress and high heat applications.

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Overview of the Most Common Nickel 200 Fasteners

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