Uses of Hastelloy C22 Flanges

Hastelloy C22 Flanges

What are Flanges? To give the pipeline equipment stability, flanges are used to join pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment. The Hastelloy C22 Flanges are austenitic alloy grades with good chromium, nickel, and molybdenum content as well as tungsten alloy additives. The strong UNS N06022 ASTM B564 grade has a density of 8.69 g/cm3 and … Read more

5 Types of Carbon Steel Tubing for Mechanical Applications

5 Types of Carbon Steel Tubing for Mechanical Applications

Carbon Steel Tubing for Mechanical Applications There are five different varieties of carbon steel tubing, most of which are utilized in mechanical applications. For hydraulic cylinder and fluid line applications, ready-to-use tubes with customized ID finishes, square and rectangular tubing for mechanical and structural uses, and carbon steel pipe are a few examples. When considering … Read more

Know About the Advantages & Applications of Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipes & Tubes

Know About The Advantages & Applications of Copper Nickel 9010 Pipes & Tubes

A 90% copper, 10% nickel alloy called 90/10 cupronickel also has minor but significant additions of iron and manganese to improve overall strength and corrosion resistance. This makes it a preferred grade for marine, architectural, and industrial applications in addition to its excellent ductility and hardness. Architects and specifies can use Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipes … Read more

Applications of Cu-Ni 90/10 Pipes

COPPER NICKEL 90 / 10 Pipes

Because of their good resistance to seawater corrosion, efficacy at lowering microfilming levels, and excellent fabric ability, copper-nickel alloys are one of the most widely utilized alloys for diverse applications. They’ve also proven suitable for a variety of applications because of their great durability, antibacterial characteristics, and aesthetics. Due to their complete resistance to barnacles … Read more

What is a Compression Fitting?

Compression Fittings – What are they? Compressing one of the fitting’s components into another, generally, some form of tubing, to establish a watertight seal between two distinct lines is called a compression fitting. As quick-connect type fittings have become more common in the water treatment industry, compression fittings have lost favor. However, they remain excellent … Read more

Guide to Inconel 625 Flanges

A flange connects pipes, tubes, valves, pumps, and other pieces of equipment to form a pipeline system. It also makes washing, inspecting, and customizing a breeze. Flanges can be welded or screwed together. Bolting two flanges together and closing the space with a gasket creates a flanged Junction. Inconel 625 flanges are manufactured or processed … Read more

Advantages & Applications Of Flanges


When a piping joint requires to be dismantled, flanges are being used. These are primarily used on equipment, valves, and specialty items. Breakout flanges are provided at predetermined intervals in certain pipelines where maintenance is a regular occurrence. The flanges, gaskets, and bolting make up a flanged joint, which is made up of three separate … Read more

A Quick Guide On Compression Tube Fittings

Two ferrule compression tube fittings are specifically designed for a large number of industrial purposes. These fittings are usually manufactured of high-grade metals like brass, copper, aluminum, and iron. Compression fittings are really useful both on an industrial basis as well as domestic purposes. These fittings are available in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. It … Read more

Why And Where Are The Monel 400 Outlets Branch Fittings Useful

Monel 400 (Outlets) Branch Fittings

What makes Monel 400 Outlets Branch Fittings useable Monel 400 Outlets Branch Fittings is an austenitic grade alloy with a nickel and copper alloy origin. However, the alloy has good resistivity with the high-temperature articles. Monel 400 Outlets Branch Fittings is primarily composed of nickel (up to 67 %) and copper. Additionally, Monel 400 contains … Read more

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